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Buy, Build, or Remodel: Designing the Perfect Home Office

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

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Do you work from home? Having enough space in the house for your office can often be a challenge. If you’ve been working from the kitchen table, it’s time to find a better place for your home office. Whether building an addition, remodeling your home, or buying a new house, you deserve a dedicated office where you can focus on your career.

Building an Addition

If you want to have space for your dream home office, but love everything else about your current home, you may consider building an addition. Working with a contractor you trust, you can design a new room, add a bathroom, and create your dream home office from scratch. Additions can be costly, but if you create the perfect space, it will add to the comfort and functionality of your home. Be sure to research builders before you start, hold interviews, and talk to past clients to make sure you’re working with the right builder. You can even use the opportunity to build a new master bedroom or add a bathroom to the home.

Remodeling Your Home

Another option to consider is remodeling your home to create your dream office. If you have a spare bedroom, consider replacing the carpet with an inviting wood floor, enlarging the window, or removing the closet to give you a bit more space. Perhaps you have a large living room or a formal dining room you never use. You can add a wall to create an office space with large windows, and make the best use of your current space. If there isn’t a room in your home, considering using your basement for home office space.

Buying a New Home

Have you been considering purchasing a new home? If you want to move into your dream home, have extra space, and create room for your growing business with a great home office, then consider buying a new house. With interest rates at all-time lows, this is a great option. Decide on the size of a house you want, and research home prices in areas that will give you the space you need for your family, home office, and storage. So, carefully consider your budget, and don’t overspend to get extra space. Going over budget to get more space will negate any benefits of working from home, so decide on a budget before you shop, and stick to it. A trusted realtor from The Hustle & Heart Group will have the experience and market knowledge needed to find you the perfect home for your budget.

When you go to viewings, think about the options you have to set up your home office. Imagine setting up in a workspace that is located away from the noise of the house, in a room with lots of natural light, and a quiet neighborhood outside the window.

Designing Your Office Space

You’re used to working at the kitchen table, but your new office space deserves ergonomic furniture and an upgrade to better technology. When designing your new office, the most important elements to consider are:

● Furniture - You want a comfortable chair that can be adjusted to provide the best support to your back. Your desk should be spacious, and let you spread out your ideas.

● Lighting - No office is complete without proper lighting. Place your desk near a window to take advantage of natural light, and include a floor lamp or desk lamp in your designs.

● Decor - No one wants to work in a blank box. Paint the walls a neutral color, and take advantage of the space to hang some art and add plants, a trendy pencil holder, or a bookshelf with your favorite reads.

● Reliable internet - It’s going to be difficult getting work done without a dependable and speedy internet connection. Even if you live in a rural area, there are reliable options for staying connected.

Your business may have started at the kitchen table, but now is the time to create a designated office space that you’ll love to work in. Whether you’re remodeling, adding an addition, or buying a new home, get the home office you’ve always dreamed of, and discover how a beautiful space can enhance your creativity and productivity.

Written by: Tina Martin

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